We Have Moved !

Finally, after what seems an eternity, I have found a new location with more space
for stock to be displayed and for classes to be held.


   Plenty of space to display the latest stock
dscn0624 dscn0625 dscn0626
dscn0623 Please remember to sign in when you arrive !  
Lots of space for classes
dscn0622 dscn0619 dscn0615
dscn0630 dscn0629 dscn0621
dscn0633 dscn0632 dscn0631

Did someone put the
kettle on ?


What cake is it today ?


 The local residents

are friendly

   When I see it now its hard to remember what it looked
like just after we moved in ...
imag0064 imag0063 imag0062
imag0065 imag0066